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Take a case in Trigonometry—a Complement is what remains after subtracting an angle from one right-angle. Complement, in immunology, a complex system of more than 30 proteins that act in concert to help eliminate infectious microorganisms. Specifically, the complement system causes the lysis (bursting) of foreign and infected cells, the phagocytosis (ingestion) of foreign particles and cell debris, and the inflammation of surrounding tissue. Complement Synonyms Addition is a synonym when the amount added completes a whole.

Define complement

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1: a word or phrase used to complete a grammatical construction. 2: a complete number or quantity; "a full complement" 3: number needed to make up a whole force; "a full complement of workers" [syn: , {full complement}] In grammar, a complement is a word, phrase, or clause that is necessary to complete the meaning of a given expression. Complements are often also arguments (expressions that help complete the meaning of a predicate). In grammar, a complement is a word or word group that completes the predicate in a sentence. In contrast to modifiers, which are optional, complements are required to complete the meaning of a sentence or a part of a sentence. Complements are one of the five major elements of clause structure.

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complement definition: 1. to make something else seem better or more attractive when combining with it: 2. a part of a…. Learn more.

Define complement

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Define complement

Complements which add more information about an object are called object complements: He makes me very angry. 2020-01-11 · "The object complement characterizes the object in the same way as the subject complement characterizes the subject: it identifies, describes, or locates the object (as in We chose Bill as group leader, We consider him a fool, She laid the baby in the crib), expressing either its current state or resulting state (as in They found him in the kitchen vs. The complement system, also known as complement cascade, is a part of the immune system that enhances the ability of antibodies and phagocytic cells to clear microbes and damaged cells from an organism, promote inflammation, and attack the pathogen's cell membrane. It is part of the innate immune system, which is not adaptable and does not change during an individual's lifetime. The complement system can, however, be recruited and brought into action by antibodies generated by the A ones' complement system or ones' complement arithmetic is a system in which negative numbers are represented by the inverse of the binary representations of their corresponding positive numbers.

Complements are classified as a subject complement, direct objects, indirect  Used in print. (Ralph B. Long. The Sentence and Its Parts: A) is Bill 's broken a chair , dominant stress will usually be on the complement a chair .
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Factors initiating complement  yesterday at the 4th Complement-based Drug Development Summit. forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the  PMID: 24021606 [PubMed – in process]; Complementary-therapeutic stimulation Influence of a specific, biorhythmically defined physical stimulus on deficient  The product ranges of the two companies complement one another perfectly, meaning they can now offer complete systems to protect people  With the new initiative, he hopes to complement the existing ethics policies with an intuitive and generally applicable framework aimed at helping employees  Synonym. complemental, complementary, completing. Definition, förklaring. acting as or providing a complement (something that completes the whole)  As a consequence, this will allow us to define the most appropriate levels for drug intervention. It can be expected that the number of potential drug targets will  av S Dahlberg · 2019 · Citerat av 1 — research shows that there is no absolute definition of an “arm's length To complement Vestheims theory about instrumentality I will use another theory of his,  The Finnish range of public health services is monitored, defined and The Council's recommendations gradually complement and update the range of service  COI = Complément d'Objet indirekta.

2020-09-05. spartan male enhancement pills. If you bought your computer with installed operating system, you may  Roc Pro Define Anti Sagging Firming Fluid 40ml Can be used alone or in complement of another RoC® facial skincare for a personalized anti-ageing daily  Click card to see definition. Tap card to see definition. Je le connais.
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Apr 2, 2020 Webster Dictionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: · Complement(verb). that which fills up or completes; the quantity or number required to fill a  Feb 26, 2019 The article describes the components of the complement system and its involvement in the All Immunology Content · What is Immunology? Mar 29, 2021 In humans, the normal chromosome complement consists of 46 chromosomes, including the 2 sex chromosomes. Also known as the karyotype. This would have to be defined by the context.

Subsection 6.2.2 Computing Orthogonal Complements.
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Anything more is complementary  4 * Utilities to complement the core reflist.c. 5 *. 6 * Copyright © 2012-2020 55 #define REFLECTION_END_MARKER "End of reflections". 56. 58 extern int  The two directions partially complement each other and are suited to different conditions.