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Movies » Avengers Rated: K, English, Family & Humor, Black Widow/Natasha R., Captain America/Steve R., Iron Man/Tony S where the Avengers seem to be in a deep debate. "Seriously, Set after The Amazing Spider-Man 1 Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man meets the avengers after saving their lives and risking his .He fights off villains like the green goblin AKA NORMAN OSBORN. (In this Fanfiction I decided to make Peter 16 not 17 so that he is more a kid and Norman as the green goblin be 2020-09-15 OUTSIDERS PERSPECTIVE ON IRONDAD FIC LIST. Here’s a list featuring an outsiders/Avengers view on Peter and Tony’s relationship!

Avengers fanfiction peter adhd

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To help him trust them more they invite him on a mission, but the mission goes south. Peter Parker had ADHD. He’d never gotten an official diagnosis, and it’d never been on his medical records. All he had was the vague memory of a doctor at his four-year-old check up recommending he get tested - and then his parents dying before the appointment could be made.


For once he was completely still. Poor Tony looked so confused. "Ok… So, I'm going to go get us a snack. Alright?" Peter just nodded.

Avengers fanfiction peter adhd

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Avengers fanfiction peter adhd

The Avengers want to know who is under the Spider-Man mask.

She leaves New York and goes to Italy, but not before putting him up for adoption. It's been a year since the homecoming incident. The rogue avengers are now pardoned and live with Tony and Pepper at the Avengers compound. Peter finds h Browse through and read new avengers fanfiction stories and books.
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While  Add to library 4 Discussion. #Spiderson #field trip #field trip to stark industries # marvel fanfic #Avengers Fanfic #Spiderman #Peter Parker #poor peter #adopted   Tom played Peter Parker in popular Hollywood flicks, such as 'Spider-Man: Homecoming,' 'Avengers: Infinity War,' and 'Captain America: Civil War.' He began his  26 Jun 2017 “Welcome to the Avengers,” a man who introduced himself as Agent Coulson “I have a little brain disorder called attention deficit hyperactive  Check out our Sortable Avengers Fanfiction Rec List – fanfictionrecomme… Source by I'm so glad someone did little doodles of Peter having ADHD (since he. null #amreading #books #wattpad Avengers Memes, Film Memes, Loki Thor, change your mind, steven huged himself in the same energy tony hugged peter after 5 years. elfpen - Posts tagged elfy tries to artINxJ, late 20s, and still writing fanfiction. nicofan: marvel · Iron dad and spider son one shots - ADHD - Wattpad. avengers-x-adhd-reader.mustfermentingideas.com/, avengers-fanfiction-peter-stronger-than-steve.newmexicobaseballcamps.com/,  A fanart from the stony fanfic ”Shortsighted” [link] by Aviss [link] I really love this fanfic, it's like the Loki and Peter Parker feels | Marvel Avengers ink-shaming: “ADHD peter doodles cus why not I love this headcannon 1) Peter experiencing  avengers_-endgame-fanfiction-peter-snaps.kabookii.com/, avengers-x-adhd-reader.mustfermentingideas.com/,  2.6K4924.
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Afghanistan. Avengers Team. Baby Peter. Babysitter!Peter. After everything in Peter's life went wrong since the events of superior, after his supposed death, Peter is transferred by the God of DC, The Presence, to the DC Universe where all of Peter's life changes and for the better returning to start his Parker Industries company but after a long t #peter maximoff #pietro maximoff #quicksilver #evan peters #dadneto #magneto #xmen #xmen apocalypse #xmen days of future past #xmcu #erik is a dilf #erik lehsherr #erik lensherr #magneto and quicksilver #quickson #xmen first class #cherik #cherick #Charles xavier #professer x #profesor x #xmen dofp #dofp #erik raises peter #maximoff twins # #masterlist #irondad #spiderson #fanfiction #fanfic #drabbles #writing #my writing #tony stark #iron man #peter parker #spider-man #avengers #marvel #mcu More you might like “-and make sure he eats and drinks enough, his metabolism is going crazy right now. A Little Fall of Rain (Avengers x Reader) Warnings: Angst, Mentions of a lot of blood, battle wounds, Reader Death (maybe anyway, it ends vaguely), Avengers family, A lot of crying, Not Beta Read A/N: Despite my apparent writer’s block, this just came out once I heard the song and I’m sorry???

This is a big ol' book of oneshots based in the MCU. The first half of them are a bit off, I've been writing these for a very long time. Most chapters are based around Peter Parker, but I've done a wide range of ships and storylines (some original a Tags. "Hah your only 16. Peter was The Avengers want to know who is under the Spider-Man mask. Rated K for language. In this list of fics the Civil War did happen. Mostly non-powered AU tried to keep it that way, Check out all the tags - did I get enough in there?
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A blog made for reviewing and categorizing Peter & Tony fanfiction.